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prizes & awards

All winners

Winners of the Elite Design Awards will receive a number of benefits that recognize and celebrate their accomplishments.

Elite star
award trophy

All the winners will be awarded a prestigious Elite Star Award trophy, which serves as a symbol of their achievement and success.

Flight and hotel accommodations for the Academy XP event

The winners will have their flight and hotel accommodations reimbursed to attend the Decor Academy XP event, which will take place from October 2nd to 3rd, 2024. This event is an excellent opportunity for the winners to network with other professionals in their industry and learn from experts in the field.

Featured on All Digital Outlets

The winners' project will be featured on all of Decor's digital outlets, including the EDA and Corporate website, social media platforms, brochures, and booklets. This widespread exposure will provide significant visibility for the winners and their project, which can help them to build their brand and establish their reputation in the industry.

The Elite Design Awards recognizes and rewards excellence in the industry, providing winners with a range of benefits that can help them to advance their careers and achieve their goals.

2 Grand Prize Winners

More info to come.

Will be selected from the winners of the categories.

Round-trip flights to Europe 2025

An authentic European experience

Visits to European suppliers

Flight and Hotel Accommodations for the Academy XP

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